New Patients

Your 1st Visit

On your first visit, we will have you complete roughly 10 minutes of paperwork. After the paperwork is complete a detailed history will be taken, we will perform an examination, and then explain your treatment options with you. The physical examination will consist of general orthopedic, chiropractic, and neurologic examination procedures. More often than not, we will begin treatment that same day but may order other diagnostic tests, if necessary. The first visit will last approximately 1 hour.

You can save time by completing most of the paperwork at home by printing the new patient forms found on our website, filling them out and bringing them into the office with you.


Your 2nd Visit

On your next visit, we will go over any questions you may have since your first visit. You will get appropriate treatment and we will start incorporating specific stretching and strengthening exercises, if applicable. We will also give you recommendations for home care, exercise, and allowable activity levels. You can expect the second visit to last approximately 30 minutes.

Further Appointments

Further appointments will not require as much time as the first two. After your second visit, appointments usually only last 10-15 minutes. These subsequent visits will include treatment, modifications to exercises, if necessary, and a review of your current progress towards goals set at your first visit. Periodic formal re-evaluations will be performed to monitor overall improvement and update the treatment plan. Re-evaluation visits will generally last 15-30 minutes.